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Commercial Asphalt

Overlaying old asphalt can have great results and is a cheaper and faster alternative to removing and replacing it. Overlaying can really add new life to your business. 

We check for drainage and fitment of adding a couple of inches. We start by taking pictures so we can stripe it exactly how it was before we started. We clean and prepare the area to be laid and then spray tack which is a form of glue that what holds the new overlay down on the old asphalt. 

Overlay cost about two thirds or less than a tear out and replacement of your old asphalt.

Call us for an estimate and schedule your new Asphalt overlay or new asphalt Parking Lot.  Commercial Striping and Sealcoating are also available.






Driveway & Mountain Driveway Services

Installing a new driveway is a complicated process of grading to match all areas where asphalt meets concrete, sidewalks or steps along with grading and draining water away from these areas and your home or business. 

Grading all high spots and filling in low spots so the drive looks and feels smooth. Rolling and compacting the newly graded dirt being careful not to grade too far out or hit or damage anything around the drive or lot. 

Next install the require thickness of asphalt (usually four to five inches) and tie seams together and making sure the area around your home and flowers stays very clean. 

Rolling and compacting take place last.  Compaction causes the asphalt to be approximately three to four inches thick,  making sure the asphalt is smooth and compacted so it will last for years to come.